Limerick Website Design has a number of templates available to help you set up your website.  When you select a template, we then work with you to mould it to suit your needs.  We can add or manipulate or remove elements to create the most suitable website for you.

We work with small business and voluntary and local groups.  All webpages are optimised for viewing on smart phones and pads as well as standard computer screens.

We submit the website to Google and Bing search engines.  All webpages are optimised for search engine optimisation.

We can also include your Facebook and Twitter posts and advise you on setting up your Facebook page.


We can provide for your site …

  • website design
  • contacts page
  • hosting
  • .com etc registration
  • submission to Google and Bing
  • Seach Engin Optimisation
  • email addresses
  • gift vouchers
  • embedded facebook and twitter feeds
  • catalogue page


Limerick Website Design belongs to mckaysoftware.  At mckaysoftware, we have been involved in software development for over 40 years.  This experience covers businesses local to Limerick as well as Forbes 500 companies across Ireland and Europe.

At mckaysoftware we offer databases, spreadsheets and web design.

Contact Limerick Website Design

You can contact us by email or phone.

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